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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's been awhile

I noticed that it has been awhile since I've written on my blog.  Time has gone by quickly. We hit our 11 month mark on March 15.  We continue doing our routine duties here in St. Lucia and are preparing for the first of the 2015 Celebration, celebrating 25 years since the West Indies Mission was organized.  The celebration will be held in Vieux Fort.  Sister Nicholas is in charge of it and she told me the other day that she can't wait until it's over with.  I had to laugh when she said that this will be the first and the last time she will do this.  I told her she'd better not say that, because more than likely she will be in charge of some other event in the future.  She is doing an excellent job.  Elder Gubler and I have let the members organize this event and have only given them a few suggestions.  It is their celebration and it is exciting to see them working as a committee in getting this organized.  They have already decorated the Vieux Fort Church and the event isn't until April 15.  I really enjoy working with the members.  I have grown to love them.  We all greet each other with a big hug and a kiss.  They are such awesome people.

Transfers are coming up next week.  We will lose a few of our missionaries, but at the same time we will gain a few.  We had a P-Day activity last Monday in Soufriere.  We all wanted to climb the Pitons, but the price was so high that not everybody could afford it.  So we decided to go to the beach and hang out.  The missionaries played volleyball and Elder Gubler and I took a boat ride.  I packed a picnic lunch and we had a good time.  It is such a beautiful area and I'm always in awe when I see it.

We will be hosting Zone Conference next week.  The missionaries from St. Vincent will be coming over to St. Lucia for the meeting.  They fly in on Friday and leave Saturday evening. We have to house 16 missionaries, 14 Elders and 2 Sisters.  The Elders in Castries will house the Elders and we will house the Sisters at our apartment.  We are in charge of the lunch during Zone Conference.  I thought about making the lunch myself, but I don't have the kitchen facilities or the cooking utensils to cook for a large crowd.  We decided to have it catered.  There is a Chinese restaurant that we enjoy that will provide the food.  Zone Conference is always an uplifting meeting.  President and Sister Mehr do such a wonderful job instructing the missionaries.  

The next two weeks will be really hectic as we deal with transfers and Zone Conference. Elder Gubler is a taxi service transporting missionaries to and from the airport.  Driving is insane in St. Lucia.  Most of the roads are one lane roads. Elder Gubler says he's always rubbing mirrors when he drives over here.  But, he's such an excellent driver, no accidents. Most of the driving is up and down mountain passages.

We love serving the Lord and are so grateful to Him for all he's done for us.  I really enjoy studying the scriptures and have developed a love for "The Book of Mormon".  It is a powerful book and a testimony that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God.  Until next time.

Sam, Shannon and I about to board small boat 
in Soufriere

View of the Pitons with Shannon

Sister Shelton and Smith make sand

Vieux Fort Elders eating

More Elders

Group picture

Group picture with Pitons in the

Crazy Elders

Side trip to Martinique

Elder Gubler in Martinique

Elder Byron, ready to
leave on his Mission.
We took him to the
airport.  So exciting to see
these young people from St.
Lucia serve missions.  He will be
serving in the London South Mission.

Cute seminary class 

We were invited to a wedding of an investigator
and his bride who took a cruise down to St.
Lucia to get married.  Her cruise ship is in
the background.  She had to say goodbye to
her husband not long after the wedding.  Hopefully,
they will be reunited soon.

With Elders at the wedding

Elders fighting for the bouquet