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Friday, July 4, 2014

The Island is turning green, YEAH!

Time is going faster and I'm a little bit lax on my blogging.  This past month has been a busy one with Elder Gubler's new calling as a Branch President.  He's had a lot of work extending callings and trying to organize the different auxiliaries.   The members have been really receptive and eager to help out.  We've seen a lot of growth with some members and it's exciting to witness.  The Branch has also had several baptisms.  The drive is exhausting, but we're excited about the work.

A few weeks ago, we had transfers and lost four of our Missionaries.  Sister Kirton, a temporary Missionary, returned to her home in Guyana and we lost two Elders in Vieux Fort and one in Castries.  Again, we'll miss the ones that are leaving and excited to get acquainted with the new Missionaries.  We have two new Elders fresh from the MTC, Elder Vaughn, from Belize, and Elder Hansen from California.  We love our Missionaries and enjoy our association with them.  Sister Shelton had to stay at our home for a couple of days while she waited for her new companion, who is another temporary Missionary again from Guyana. I've been really impressed with the youth from Guyana.  Her name is Sister Samuels.  She has put her papers in for a mission and is currently waiting for her call.  She was glad to get back to Vieux Fort.  We're pretty boring people.  

We also went to St. Vincent for a Zone Conference.  I always enjoy Zone Conference, they are always an inspirational event.  The Senior Couple on St. Vincent are going home the end of July.  Elder and Sister Bird have served a 23 month Mission.  They are a joy to be around and have done a wonderful job.  We hosted them last month in St. Lucia.  They came and did a presentation on Public Relations.  We had a lovely dinner with the Birds and President and Sister Mehr.  There currently isn't any Senior Couples to take our place and also the Bird's place.  So a call out to all those that would like to serve a mission as a Senior Couple.  If you would like a beautiful tropical Island, with pretty beaches, put down West Indies and I know you'll get called here.

We ran out of water at our apartment while Sister Kirton and Shelton were staying with us. It was quite interesting not being able to flush a toilet or take a shower with us and the two Sisters.  Luckily, our Landlord bought some water from the water company and had a truck deliver it the next day.  The homes here have big water tanks and they rely on those tanks for water when the water company shuts off the water for days.  St. Lucia is in a drought and the rainy season was late starting. But, I think it is finally here.  We've had quite a bit of rain the past couple of weeks.  In fact, Elder Gubler and I got drenched this morning while taking our morning walk.  I kind of enjoyed it as it has been so hot.  I really like the rain and cloudy days.  We took a drive up to the Golf course and the lawn is starting to green up.  Before it was all brown and looked like it was dead.  This has made me more appreciative of the simple things like water.

We are so thankful to be a part of this great work.  This is the Lord's work and we've witnessed some wonderful people come into the Church.  We love the people here and learn from them every day.  I finished teaching the Seminary class in the Castries Branch last week.  They studied the Book of Mormon.  It is a true book and is proof that Joseph Smith is a true Prophet of God.  We send our love to all our family and friends and hope you have a wonderful Independence Day.

Our transferring Missionaries
Sister Kirton, Elders Richardson, Woodruff, & Smith.

Sister Shelton has spent a lot of time with us waiting for
new companions. What a sweetheart, she's like
a daughter. I wish I had another son around
her age that wasn't married.

Walking to the beach for a baptism in Vieux Fort.

Kerran's Baptism in Vieux Fort.

Sister Sherba and three of her beautiful daughters
and Keivan, a family friend.

Kerran, with Elders Vaughn and Fauchier.

Elder Brown a new arrival and Elder Fauchier
in the background.

Sister Cotter, the first to be baptized in St. Lucia.
She's been a member for about 30 years, still
going strong.

Sweet picture of Elder Vaughn, a new arrival fresh 
from the MTC and Kerran. Elder Vaughn's first

Kerran's baptism.

Sister Joseph on the far left, Kerran's Grandmother,
with his sister and mother. Unan, Sister Joseph's
son is in the background. Sister Joseph is such a
sweet humble Sister. I love her so much, and
would like to be like her when I grow up.

Our Zone singing at Zone Conference. They sang
"If the Savior Stood Beside Me". They did an
excellent job.

President and Sister Mehr at Zone Conference.

Sister Ossie with Elder Gubler and I in St. Vincent.
She is a single mother of five children who makes
Caribbean Nativity Sets for a living.  They are
darling sets.  If you're interested and have been to
the Caribbean or collect Nativity Sets, it's the only
one that I've found on the Caribbean.  They cost
$40.00 US and I'd be happy to get you her 

Kevin and Justin's baptism in Castries.
Kevin was so frightened of the water and we
weren't sure he would be baptized, but he did it
with some help from his mother and President D.
But, I didn't get a picture of it.

Justin coming out of the water. A great day!

Elder and Sister Bird came and gave a presentation
on public relations.

Emmy's baptism in Vieux Fort. Elder Reyes is hiding
his face.

Sister Shelton and Kirton. Sister Kirton was a 
temporary Missionary from Guyana. She is
currently waiting to serve her mission in Florida.

Poor Elder Woodruff and his bruised shoulder. He
fell off a balcony, but luckily wasn't badly hurt. I
know the power of the Priesthood played and
important part in that.

Elders Fauchier, Reyes, & Watson.

Some more great missionaries.

I finally got a picture of Elder Gubler, he's known to
hide his face when I try to get a picture.