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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MTC and 1st week in Mission Field

We finally have internet in our apartment.  I have much to catch up on my blog.  The past week and a half have gone by so fast.  We had a inspiring and wonderful five days in the MTC.  They taught us how to use "Preach My Gospel".  This is the manual for missionaries on how to effectively preach the Gospel.  The one point that it stresses is to always teach with the Spirit.  It is the spirit that converts.  I know that it is an inspired program as I look back on my early mission where we had set discussions.  I would encourage all members of the Church to get this book. 

We were privileged to attend a Devotional last Tuesday evening.  Elder Richard G. Scott, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, spoke to us.  He spoke on prayer.  He also gave an Apostalic blessing for all the missionaries who are learning a language.  Elder Gubler and I were in tears most of the meeting.  There were approximately 2,000 missionaries in attendance with many more in an overflow room.  A choir, consisting of young Elder and Sister missionaries sang.  I can honestly say that the choir sounded like Angels among us.  The spirit was so strong.

Our journey to the Mission Field started at 3:00 a.m. Saturday morning.  We arrived in Trinidad at 10:00 p.m. that evening.  Our first night was spent at a Bed & Breakfast, called Norma's.  That Sunday was spent attending Church meetings at a small Branch and a Youth fireside, with Elder Cornish (a member of the Seventy) and a newly called area authority, Elder Claude R. Garriette (a former West Indies Mission President).  The day was ended with a dinner with several Senior Couples.

Elder and Sister Monson, a senior couple from St. George, UT, have been educating us about the mission and the area.  They have been wonderful.  Elder Monson use to work for Bain Capital, Mitt Romney's company.  They are just a few years older than us and we have a lot of similarities.  Their apartment is right next to ours.  I know we will be the best of friends.

We have been given the assignment of overseeing the Apartments of the Mission while we wait for our Visas for Suriname.  This assignment has been neglected, so we will try and get it more organized before we leave.  We have also been assigned to attend a small Branch and be what they call shadow leaders.  A shadow leader is to assist and train the leaders of small branches and wards.  Most of the Bishops and Branch Presidents are young men, some newly baptized or returned missionaries.

We have spent the last few days getting settled in our apartment and helping at the Mission Office.  We were given a car.  They drive like the English drive on the left hand side of the road.  Elder Gubler is doing an excellent job of driving.  Thank heavens for the several trips we took to Great Britain.  He is also trying to learn the language.  He's doing a better job than I am. 

I will close as it is late and I have an early morning tomorrow.  I have included several pictures from the MTC.  

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our last night

This is our last night at home.  We have had our ups and downs this past week.  I've heard many missionaries say that they have trials before they leave.  Satan does try his best to stop you from going.  Let's just say we've had our share of trials the past couple of days.  Mike was scared to wake up this morning to see what trial we had to face today.  But, it was a wonderful Sabbath day.  We spent our last evening with family and said our tearful goodbyes.  I've got the most amazing kids and in-laws.  They are so supportive of our mission.  I love them all so much.  I should also add that I have the "cutest" grandkids. 

We had a beautiful blessing given to us by our Stake President when he set us apart as missionaries.  He promised us many blessings which I know will come to past through our faith and obedience.  I have felt so much peace these past couple of weeks.  I know the Holy Ghost has been with us constantly.

The next five days will be spent at the MTC (Mission Training Center).  We fly out on Saturday.  We will probably have to spend about a month in Trinidad as our visas for Suriname have not come through yet.  This is one obstacle missionaries face when going to a foreign country.  This will give us time to work on our Dutch.  I have many ask us if we go through language training at the MTC.  The answer is no.  They do provide in field training through Skype, which we will take advantage of.

Tot Siens, We houden van je.  Goodbye, we love you.

Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Closer

All I can say now, is thank you for Google Translate.  Mike and I have been practicing Dutch phrases.  Mijn naam is zuster Jolynn Gubler.  Hoe gaat het?  Wij zijn missionaris van de Kerk van Jezus Christus van de Heiligen der Laatste Dagen.  My name is Sister Jolynn Gubler.  How are you?  We are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  "De kerk is waar". " The Church is True".  That last phrase is why we're going on this mission.  It's why we're willing to learn a new language.  It's why we're getting out of our comfort zone and going to a different country to preach the Gospel.

I was so inspired by conference this last weekend.  It occurred to me that it may be awhile before we understand the messages that are taught in Church each week while we are on our mission.  But, the spirit is the same.  We will feel the Holy Ghost testifying to us the truthfulness of what is being said.  I know the Lord will bless us with this language.  I know if Mike and I put forth the effort to learn this language that we will be blessed with the gift of tongues.  I have witnessed it so many times with missionaries that have gone throughout the world. 

My emotions are working overtime right now.  I have shed many tears this past weekend.  The spirit has been so strong.  I love the Savior and all that he has done for me.  I am so proud to be a representative of Him out in the mission field.  Memories of my mission as a young sister missionary have come back to me.  As I watched the documentary on Missionary Work after the Sunday morning session of conference, I was so thrilled and humbled to be a part of this great work.  I am so amazed at the youth in this church.  It is true, the strong spirits have been saved for the last days.  There are so many young men and women willing to give up time in their lives to serve the Lord.  This is why there are over 63,000 missionaries.  There is no other missionary work than in this church.

We are leaving for Mesquite tomorrow to be set apart by our Stake President.  This last week will be a sad and exciting time for me.  I'm excited to get out into the mission field, but at the same time, I'm sad to leave my family.  I love them so much and will miss them dearly.
I so thankful to be going on this mission with my sweetheart.  He is a stalwart Priesthood holder, and will be a great strength to me.

Mike and I have felt overwhelmed these past couple of days.  Mike told me about a thought that came to him as he was thinking about our mission and that was "Peace be Still"  The Savior will be with us.  It is through Him that we find peace.  "De kerk is waar."

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I am new at this blogging.  My daughter, Natalie, said she would help me when she comes to visit on Sunday.  My husband, Mike, and I have been called as member and leader support missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the West Indies Mission.  We will be serving for 18 months.  We will enter the Mission Training Center (MTC) on April 15 and fly to the mission field on April 20.  So, we only have 12 days left and still so much to do.

We spoke with our Mission President, President and Sister Mehr, today and was told we would be starting out in Trinidad.  About a half hour after the call, President Mehr called back and asked if we would serve in Suriname (which is on the Eastern Coast of South America), and if we would be willing to learn the Dutch language.  We both accepted.  So now we're frantically trying to get information on learning Dutch.  He said he felt inspired to ask us, so we hope with the Lord's help we will be able to accomplish this task. 

We gave two farewell speeches at two different wards, one in Mesquite, NV and one in Tooele, UT.  I feel like we're members of two different wards.  Our family was able to come to the Church meeting in Tooele.  It was held on Easter Sunday, which was my birthday.  It was a wonderful day.  We had roughly 60-65 people at an Easter luncheon at the Comfort Inn in Lakepoint.  We were so thankful for all that came and supported us.  I'd especially like to thank all those that helped with the food.  I had many compliments.

We're certainly going to miss our family while we are away.  Our kids and their spouses have been very supportive and willing to help us out.  I had two new grandsons born last month and two granddaughters born last year.  Our oldest grandson turned 7 last month.  It will be very hard leaving my grandchildren.  Like they say, there's nothing better than being a grandparent.  I will miss them very much.

Our next week and a half will be busy with visiting family, packing,and getting yards and homes ready for our leave.  We are headed down to Mesquite, NV next week for a couple of days to get set apart as missionaries by our Stake President. 

We love the Lord and we're very excited to serve Him.  We're so thankful for His Gospel and all that He has done for us.