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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our last night

This is our last night at home.  We have had our ups and downs this past week.  I've heard many missionaries say that they have trials before they leave.  Satan does try his best to stop you from going.  Let's just say we've had our share of trials the past couple of days.  Mike was scared to wake up this morning to see what trial we had to face today.  But, it was a wonderful Sabbath day.  We spent our last evening with family and said our tearful goodbyes.  I've got the most amazing kids and in-laws.  They are so supportive of our mission.  I love them all so much.  I should also add that I have the "cutest" grandkids. 

We had a beautiful blessing given to us by our Stake President when he set us apart as missionaries.  He promised us many blessings which I know will come to past through our faith and obedience.  I have felt so much peace these past couple of weeks.  I know the Holy Ghost has been with us constantly.

The next five days will be spent at the MTC (Mission Training Center).  We fly out on Saturday.  We will probably have to spend about a month in Trinidad as our visas for Suriname have not come through yet.  This is one obstacle missionaries face when going to a foreign country.  This will give us time to work on our Dutch.  I have many ask us if we go through language training at the MTC.  The answer is no.  They do provide in field training through Skype, which we will take advantage of.

Tot Siens, We houden van je.  Goodbye, we love you.


  1. So exciting!! I look forward to reading of your adventures. Good luck!

  2. You'll be great missionaries! All the best!