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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Arima Branch

We've had an interesting couple of weeks.  The Lord has really blessed us and we're so thankful to be out on this Mission.  A new Senior Couple arrived last Saturday, the Rays. They will be taking over the Brown's calling as Auditor.  They are from Arizona and are a really sweet couple.  This is their third Mission.  We go walking with them each morning and it's been delightful getting to know them.  They are in their mid 70's and I have a hard time keeping up with them, especially Elder Ray.

We took one of the Sister Missionaries to the hospital on Thursday.  She was diagnosed with Dengue Fever.  It is rampant here in Trinidad and caused by a mosquito bite.  She is in a lot of pain and has a fever.  She also had an ear infection along with the Dengue.  They have to keep checking her blood every few days to make sure her platelets are not too low.  It is a virus and there isn't anything that can treat it only over-the-counter drugs to relieve the symptoms.  It takes one to three weeks to get over it.  The symptoms will be body aches, itchy rash, fever, nausea, painful skin and exhaustion.  There have been several Elders in Trinidad and Barbados that have come down with it.  President and Sister Mehr want all the Missionary apartments to have an air conditioner in their bedroom so they can keep their windows closed to keep the mosquitoes out.  That has been one of our assignments to figure out the best solution for air conditioners. We feel that we have done quite a bit to make the Missionaries more comfortable in their apartments while we have been out.

Another part of our Mission is to work with the Arima Branch.  I have come to love the wonderful people in this Branch.  I work with the Primary and they have given me the job to do the music.  This has been neglected as there aren't any musicians in this Branch.  The children really enjoy singing time and are learning the songs quickly.  When I first started, they didn't have a Children's Songbook.  On my last trip to the States, I brought one back and donated it to the Primary.  We all have to sing acapella as there isn't a keyboard or a piano in the Primary room.  I also play the keyboard for Sacrament Meeting.  Music is an important part of the Gospel and I'm glad that I can contribute in a small way.

We're hoping for good news about our Visas to Suriname this week.  A member of the Church in Suriname has been visiting the Foreign office to check on our Visas.  They told him this last week that they should have good news this coming Thursday.  So, maybe we may be leaving for Suriname soon.  They are really trying hard to get us to Suriname as they really need help there.  But as Elder Gubler said, it doesn't matter where we serve.

Again, I'm so thankful to be out on this Mission.  I've had so many answers to prayer and know that God hears and answers our prayers.  We love all of you and hope all is well with our Family and Friends at home.  Tot later!

Branch President Francique

Relief Society President, Sister Boodram

Two of our wonderful Deacons


End of Church

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