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Sunday, February 23, 2014


The Missionary work continues.  We had transfers a couple of weeks ago and replaced about half our Missionaries.  Four missionaries left and six new ones came in.  We now have a total of twelve Elders and two Sisters.  There are an additional two Elders in Vieux Fort and they are currently living in the same apartment.  We will know in six weeks whether or not we need to rent another apartment in Vieux Fort.  It's been fund getting to know these young men and women.  They are outstanding missionaries and they work really hard.  It was sad to see the four that left us.  We have been busy getting their work permits ready so they are legal here in St. Lucia.  St. Lucia is an easier country to work with as far as visas and work permits.  We found out from the Vanderbeeks, the Senior Couple in Suriname that they still haven't issued the work permits for the missionaries that we came out with.  

We are enjoying the two branches that we are working with.  I am amazed at the Vieux Fort Branch as they have two missionaries out and two leaving shortly.  President Nicholas has done amazing work with these young people.  I've been working with a young Elder who will be going to the London South Mission.  He has been a member of the Church for about two years and is excited about his mission.  A young sister just got called to the Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic Mission and will be a great missionary.  

We are also preparing for the 2015 Celebration, celebrating 25 years since the West Indies Mission was created.  It will be a fun event for the members.  Yesterday, St. Lucia celebrated their Independence Day.  They became independent from Great Britain about 35 years ago. It seems like there have been a lot of countries get independent from Great Britain.  We spent the day at the Castries Branch President's home with the missionaries doing service work.  President and Sister DeBeauville are a great couple and have a wonderful family.  We enjoyed spending the afternoon with them.

There are now two Districts, which is a group of missionaries, and still one Zone.  There use to be only one District.  What that means is each week the missionaries hold their District Meeting and before the transfers, they were all meeting together.  Now, there will be two separate meetings, one in Vieux Fort and one in Castries.  We will alternate between the two each week.  They will all get together once a month for zone conference.  We enjoy these meetings.  They go over their successes and struggles and have a training meeting.  I feed them at the end of the meeting.  I've enjoyed doing it and the missionaries seem to appreciate it.  I'm running out of ideas of what to feed them though.  So if anybody has any suggestions, please let me know.  As I've said before, working with the missionaries are the best part of this Mission.  It's a privilege getting to know them.  They have all strengthened me and have inspired me to do better.  The Church is true.  This great missionary work has strengthened my testimony so much while I've been out here.

Two more baptisms, Wilma and Krisshona.
President DeBeauville is in the middle.

Sister DeBeaville on left and Wilma's mother.

Brother Joe and Brittany.

Service Project at the DeBeauvilles

Elder Morrison on the roof.

Denzil DeBeauville

The roof is off

District Meeting in Castries

Elders Pierson, Bechan, & Fiame

Elders Jacobson & Schroeder, they
transferred out.

Elder Glade

Our new van

Catries church house

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  1. Hello, my name is Amysue Christiansen and I have a daughter that was just called to serve in the West Indies mission. Her call said that she will be in Suriname learning Dutch. Are there sister missionaries serving in Suriname now? Could you give me the email address to the senior couple serving in Suriname so I can ask them a million questions!!! My daughter is so excited to start her mission. She enters the MTC on July 23rd. She is currently going to school at BYU I and is from Houston Texas. She and I have been reading as many blogs as we can get our hands on, it is so fun to hear about the mission. Thank you for your time

    my email address is for you to respond to