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Saturday, May 18, 2013

An afternoon with the Missionaries

Elder Gubler and I spent a few hours with two Elders in our District, Elder Warner and Elder Leany.  We enjoy spending time with them because they are such sweet humble young men.  Elder Warner is on his last month in the Mission field.  He spent the last 22 months serving in Suriname in which he spoke Dutch.  In fact when we met him, he was having a hard time speaking English after speaking Dutch for so long.  He's my inspiration.  When we're with him, he's been helping us with our Dutch.  He's from Mesa, Arizona and is a fine missionary.  Elder Leany is from Utah and has been out for four months and is another wonderful missionary.

Our first visit was to an inactive family.  We met with Faith Matthews who is 20 years old.  She and her mother are both members of the Church, but her mother has stopped coming the last couple of months.  Faith comes every once in awhile with her young daughter.  Elder Warner gave a wonderful lesson out of Alma in the Book of Mormon.  He talked about how Moroni was busy preparing his army for battle.  He compared that to our life and how we should prepare ourselves for the 2nd coming of Christ and if we are prepared we should not fear.  We were all able to bear our testimonies of the Gospel and committed Faith to come to church on Sunday and to bring her mother.  

We then went to an investigator's home, Christopher, who lived nearby.  It's interested how they approach people's homes here.  Most of the homes have locked gates.  Instead of knocking on doors, they yell and say something like tap tap, is anybody home.  They are not allowed to go on a person's property without permission.  They told us of an Elder who had one foot on somebody's property and the property owner threatened to call the Police.   Christopher was not at home.

Our last visit was to Brother Michael Garcia.  He has been a member for 20 years and has knee problems and it is hard for him to get around.  What a sweet humble man who comes from very humble circumstances.  He lives in a wood shack with a cement floor.  He enjoys gardening and the Elders showed us all the work that they had done on his property.  They had raked leaves and planted a small vegetable garden.  He has a very strong testimony and the spirit was so strong.  It brought tears to both Elder Gubler and I.  They gave a wonderful lesson on the Savior's teachings out of the Book of Mormon when he visited the people on the American Continent.  It was on doing good deeds in secret, praying in secret, and fasting in secret and how God will bless thee openly.  He was so thankful for our visit.  They were also able to gain an investigator, Peter, Brother Garcia's friend.

It was a great couple of hours that we spent with the missionaries.  It lifted our spirits and taught us some valuable lessons.  Even though Brother Garcia had nothing, he actually had everything and that was membership in the Savior's Church and a strong testimony.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ brings hope that there is something wonderful and marvelous to work towards in the hereafter than what we have in this life.  I'm so thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It brings so much peace and joy into my life. 

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