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Saturday, May 25, 2013

One Month

This week, we hit our one month mark in the Mission field.  I can't believe that we've been in Trinidad for one month.  Time certainly flies by fast.  We were busy this past week helping a Senior Couple find an apartment and closing out another apartment.  Elder and Sister Reese just entered the Mission field Saturday evening.  They are from Las Vegas and are retired school administrators.  President Mehr wanted them to live down south in a city called San Fernando.  They will eventually be in charge of the apartments when we got to Suriname.  It is difficult to find apartments for Senior Couples, plus Elder Gubler and I have only been to San Fernando two times.  With the help from a former Bishop from the San Fernando Ward, we were able to find them an apartment on Monday.  I feel the Lord really blessed us that day.  It was the first one they looked at and they really liked the location and the apartment.  It was completely furnished and next to a big shopping center which included a mall.  The neighborhood was upscale and safe.  Plus, the apartment fit in their budget.  We felt so blessed that day.

On Tuesday, we were able to close out a senior couple's apartment who went home and move items down to the Reese's.  It went really well.  Elder Gubler called us the property managers and movers of the mission.  It was so funny, the other day Elder Gubler received a call from a woman who asked if he could move her that afternoon.  He had to think for a minute before he realized that he didn't know her and she had dialed the wrong number.  

On a scary note, I got my hair cut and colored last week.  I had received a small trim from a beautician in the shopping center where the mission office is at before that.  I wasn't too impressed with it, but finally after searching for another beauty shop and not being able to find one, I decided to give her another try.  I was desperate that day.  They don't make appointments in Trinidad.  You walk in and wait in line.  She was in the process of cutting a gentleman's hair and another gentleman was waiting.  Another beautician walked in and I thought to myself that I should give her a try.  Big mistake!  I told her what I wanted and she turned the chair away from the mirror and cut away.  I tried to turn the chair around, but she wouldn't let me.  The color turned out all right, but the cut was too short on the sides and very uneven.  Elder Gubler saw me and went and complained to the hairdresser that this was not acceptable.  The older lady tried to fix it the best she could.  Now I know why all the senior sisters grow their hair out or cut it themselves.  Sister Monson said she would cut it from now on.   All I know is a friend by the name of Donna would never last down here with the hairdressers. 

Last Saturday on our preparation day we went to a beautiful beach called Maracas Bay.  It's the prettiest part of Trinidad that I have seen so far.  The drive there was a bit treacherous with narrow windy roads up and down a beautiful green covered mountain passage.  Elder Gubler drove the van with seven senior missionaries.  He did very well and we all felt safe with him driving.  He does very well with the driving over here.  A couple of months ago, one of the young missionaries had an accident with a Porsche on that road.  It totaled both vehicles, but luckily no one was hurt.  We ate the famous bake and shark, which is a piece of battered shark, deep fat fried, on a piece of bread which is a lot like fry bread.  They had different condiments to put on the sandwich.  The fish tasted good.  We enjoyed that afternoon visiting with the other Senior couples on the beach.

I feel very blessed to part of this great work.  We enjoy the members, missionaries and the people here in Trinidad.  It's a beautiful island and they have made us feel very welcome.

Maracas Bay

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  1. We missed you at the Memorial Day lunch in Smithfield! It's good to hear you're doing well. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both.

    -Ryan Oliverson